28 to Make

Digital Art

CreativeLive.com posted a simple challenge of presenting one drawing idea per day for 28 days. The idea behind the name is that "it takes 28 days to make a habit". I started 3 days after the challenge had begun so I played catch-up. It's also important to note that the style of drawings that the instructor was advocating was a doodle style. Simple, contour lines, with a time limit of no more than 20 minutes. Well, I took issue with that and decided to put my own spin on the projects. I'm looking to learn how to digitally pain, not doodle. I wanted to use the 28 to Make topics for ideas of things to draw"My Mug" is either the second or third digital painting I've ever done, making "Googled: Houseplant" my third or fourth, and "Aloe Blacc Digital Painting" my fourth or fifth digital painting. 4/20/16 Update - I've been slammed since the Aloe Blacc piece and haven't been able to devote more time to this section. Perhaps in a few weeks.

Day 1 - Draw Your Beverage
"My Mug"
Approx. 1 Hour
Day 2 - Draw a Houseplant
"Googled: Houseplant"
Approx. 1 Hour
Day 3 - Draw Album Art
"Aloe Blacc"
Approx. 12 Hours
The only tracing involved in this piece was the overall silhouette of the figure.
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