Pencil Drawings


These are some drawings that I've done over the years.

I drew this picture for my girlfriend a couple days before I proposed marriage to her. I drew this while on a trip to Kentucky, where I planned the whole proposal. This picture took approximately 8 hours to draw during 1 day and I drew it in a massive rush because the next day I was flying to Seattle where I would meet my future bride. FedEx/Kinko's also did a terrible job scanning it. I'll get a better one someday.
Girl & Boy Sketch
Approx. 1 Hour
* * *
Drawn with a mechanical pencil, .5 led. This is a page from my sketchbook. I remember drawing this at my favorite Escondido coffee shop: Kettle Coffee & Tea. If you ever go there, tell them Cameron Day sent you. You'll still have to pay full price but they'll say they know me :)
Approx. 4 Hours
* * *
Drawn with a mechanical pencil, .5 led. I drew this at my favorite Escondido coffee shop.
Approx. 3 Hours
* * *
Drawn with a mechanical pencil, .5 led; drawn during a slow day at work; drawn in haste; drawn as a back-up plan. You see, I wanted to buy my then fiancee a ukulele for Christmas, 2014, but I didn't know if it was going to arrive in time. So, at the last minute, I decided to draw a picture of a ukulele and give that to her on Christmas morning with the promise that the real uke would arrive soon. Thankfully, it arrived about 3 days before Christmas, but I gave her the drawing, too.
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