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These are various art pieces that I've done over the years and in different mediums. But like all artistic ventures, I'm a self-taught artist who spends most of his time figuring things out, trying different techniques, and, most of time, reinventing the wheel. But I learn about these mediums on a deeper level and walk away with a greater understanding. Knowledge is power, and sometimes learning the hard way is the best way.

Seattle Skyline & Psychedelic Jimi Hendrix Surfboard
Approx. 20 Hours over 6 months
* * *
This is my first attempt at Spray Paint Art on a surfboard. I painted it for my friend, and the board itself was shaped by Album Surfboards in San Clemente, CA. This was a labor of love that took longer than expected, mostly because I was planning a wedding at the same time. I would work on it here and there but, also, because I don't have dedicated space for spray painting that's safe from the elements, most of the days that I had to work on it were either rained out or too hot to use the paint. But I loved the process and I look forward to doing more. If you'd like me to paint your board for you, please let me know!
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